Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ALOHA FAIR featuring {{BSD Design studio}} ecology necklace gatcha , have fun

Dear supermodels and friends ,

THe ALOHO Fair is coming soon , have the  {{Save the world }} ECOLOGY necklace , from {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh designs . 

have fun gatcha ! only55L per play, 
9 colours 
6 commons 
2 rares 
1 mysterious colours

have fun 
landmark please click the link below : 

 the event landmarkwill be available by 7/28

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SURF UP Gatcha Fair Featuring {{BSD Design studio}} with the Supermodel MUST-have Handbag . ! opens on 7 21

Dear friends and supermomdels , 

THE SURF UP Gatcha event
{{BSD Design studio}} - Supermodel Must-have Handbags 
4 commons and 2 RARES.. have fun ! ! only 50L gatcha!

Landmark : 

Landmark of Mainshop : 

the 3 GROUP GIFTS for free for VIP - {{BSD Design studio}} appreciation month. 
group membership only 50L , which was 580 L before!! grab the chance to join this fabalous shop as Trend setter and get monthly Group GIFTS!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FREE GROUP GIFT July - {{BSD Design studio}} appreciation month - the whole set of Best selling hot items. - RED supermodel off duty bag + shoe collector RED

Dear friends and supermodels,

- {{BSD Design studio}} Supermodel off duty Handbag (RED)  worth 450L----> NOW FREE !
-{{BSD Design studio}} shoe collector  ( RED)  worth 750L ---> NOW FREE
-{{BSD Design sutdio}} Supermodel resort bag ( pink)  was 350L --- > NOW FREE

for the appreciation MONTH for {{BSD Design studio}} super fans and friends .

Have fun and TP your friends , 3 items for this month !!! Runnnnnnn,...


Monday, July 14, 2014

THE DESIRE List 03 of {{BSD Design studio}} happy summer ...

ear all , {{BSD Design studio}} is feature on page 66 on this magazine- TREMPE.. have a look <3333

3 new this week:
1. legendary model handbag
2. Fashion trend high heels,
3.sLTOP model necklace ,


{{BSD Design studio}} Desire list - Dolce la vita shoes

Dear friends , 

THE desire list - {{BSD Design studio}} - dolce la vita list .. 

one of the featured items on Tremph magazine this month . 

landmark to {{BSD Design studio}} 

ear all , {{BSD Design studio}} is feature on page 66 on this magazine- TREMPE.. have a look <3333

3 new this week: 
1. legendary model handbag
2. Fashion trend high heels,
3.sLTOP model necklace , 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

~da DESIRE list ~ fr {{BSD Design studio}} have fun shopping spree , happy weekend.! alot of new events launching this sunday

-The Desire list for weekend shopping - 

Dear supermodels and friends, 

frm left- 
HANDBAG: {{ Legendary mdoel l handbag}} by {{BSD Design studio}} gatcha RARE - at MOG event
landmark as below:- 

NECKLACE {{SL TOP Model neaecklace}} by {{BSD Design studio}} at OMG gatcha event
HIGH Heels{{FASHION Trend}} by {{BSD Design studio}} Soon... 



SL Hair Fair 2014 preview - and necklace by {{BSD Design studio}} fashion trend at save the date gatcha second life fashion

 Wearing on Babychampagne : 
{{BSD Design studio}}Fashion trend necklace; 

Hair by hair fair 2014 details on pic. and lm as followed:-
Hair Fair BLOG :

Demo at group FOR FREE: -

Friday, July 11, 2014

MONTH OF GAME opens soon on 7.2 !! {{BSD Design studio}} exclusive - FASHION TREND HIGH heels, and THE legendary beauty handbags gatcha ! see u there ! !

Dear supermodels and friends,

This week alot of new fair and events, please see then notecard of {{BSD Design studio}}VIPgroup,

this MONTH of game  event has 3 venues, clue, the chess andcandy space . 

with 3 exclusives selling at discount price!!! 

this gorgeous high heels fit for the supermodels, and are at the chess area - 
and the handbag at the Clue area : 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

NEW Bi monthly gatcha fair- save the date - {{BSD Design studio}} SL Top model neckalce gatcha

dear supermodels and friends,

WE have supremodel necklace for top sl models, comes with 3 rares and 14 commons and 4 mysteriouscolour germs.. ruby, sapphire, blue, purple sapphire nad jade. have fun styling ! gatcha !! yayyyy

landmark to bi- monthly gatcha fair - {{ CLICK here to TELEPORT}}

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tres chic by {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes . and handbag collections. stay tuned for the month of the game event.

Dear supermodels and friends, 

Times flies, summer time passes by, fall is coming soon... where is my love ....... 

the new Tres chic collections, handbag with 10 colours and rare at " month of game" events. and shoes futuristic. 

landmark to Mainshop : 

the landmark to month of the game will be available soon ! stay tuned of this blog. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

OMG gathca fair {{BSD Design studio}} CASSEEROLE set , kitchenware french style .

Dear friends and supermomdels,
dreaming to live in Paris? have the loft ? have the french furnitures,, now i have made some cookware, casseroles for your fun living like a real parisians ! lol 

Come to OMG gatcha event and have these collections at only 45 L each play. 

items : 
1. 7 colours of heart shaped mini dessert bowls.
2. 3 sizes of casseroles ( 4 colours,  blue , pink , purlple and black) 
3. open pots sourcepan ( 3 colours , blue pink, red ) 

RARE items- the stack of 3 casseroles ( 3 colours ) 
and the RARE- open lid soucepan. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

new at {{BSD Design studio}} exclusives ONLY 188L!!!! first week PROMO!!!

Dear supermodels and friends,
how r u in , after the kick off of summer time, it is damn hot and humid in hongkong....
have fun shopping .. and u deserve a the redcarpet starlet as you are super gorgeous lol 

first week promo , 90 % off !!!!!! first time this low lol
188 L only 
have a happy weekend!


i love to send out the guardian angel as group gift this month, sorry for the lateness... i hope this guardian angel will protect u and give u all the blessings .. 


NEW ONly 188L !! 90% off just for 2 days weekend sale.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Arts in Hats event featuring some of the best artists in second life with funny hats and artworks. ENJOY!

an event ARts in Hats opens now , with art installations and artwork from different artists in second life,
hope u like my pieces.. it is an art installation composing of different shoes and that is basically indicating what second life is to me, through the past few months, i was making and creating dream shoes, and it is all about shoes shoe shoes in my head.


landmark to the event and don't forget to get the freebies and funny things there . enjoy!


NEW at {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes - SUPERMODEL ESSNENTIAL at main shop 70% off just for 1st week launching PROMO

dear supermodel and friends,

Hey  this week, we have the new original mesh shoes comes with both version, with and without feet, the mainshop has the feet version, if u want to buy the no feet high feet version, please im me. 

70% off just for the 1st week luanching PROMO price. 

landmark to mainshop :